Sweet Frog Spirit Night!





BES Spirit Night at SWEET FROG!
Thursday, September 15 * 4:00-8:00pm

Stop by Sweet Frog on Thursday, September 15tfor some FROYO! When you mention Blossomwood Elementary School while checking out, 20% of your purchase price will come back to our school! 

It’s a win, win!

For questions or more information, please contact Sally Jones at

So, grab your family, your friends, and your neighbors for some FROZEN YOGURT!


Picture Day!

Don’t forget to mark you calendar for PICTURE DAY!

September 20th!



Grandparents Day & Lunch Schedule

Hello Grandparents,

We hope that you can come have lunch with your student one day next week!  Please sign-in at the front office, and meet you student in the lunchroom. There will be “Grandparent Tables” set-up in the back of the lunchroom. If you are buying school lunch, the cost is $4.00. Below is the lunch schedule. We hope to see you next week as we celebrate our GRANDPARENTS!


Cooley 10:30-11:00

Hope 10:35-11:00

Williams 10:35-11:00


Hamby 11:25-11:50

Lewis 11:30-11:55

Morrell 11:30-11:55

Reed 11:35-12:00

Smith 11:35-12:00

Tufts 11:40-12:05

1st Grade

Christian 10:55-11:20

Young 10:55-11:20

Cothren 11:00-11:25

Cash 11:00-11:25

Schliesman 11:05-11:30


Guynn 11:15-11:40

Richardson 11:15-11:40

Ware 11:20-11:45

Gladwin 11:20-11:45

Stewart 11:25-11:50


Davenport 10:40-11:05

England 10:45-11:10

Woodruff 10:40-11:05

McNeil 10:45-11:10

Prater 10:50-11:15

Church 10:50-11:15


Peters 11:40-12:05

McMillen 11:45-12:10

Carlisle 11:45-12:10

Junkin 11:55-12:20


Sanner 11:55-12:20

Paul 12:00-12:25

Battle 12:00-12:25

Rawls 12:05-12:30

Jones 12:05-12:30


Cutts 11:05-11:30

Edmondson 11:10-11:35

Frederick 11:10-11:35

Williams 11:10-11:35